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When my wife and I took a trip to London recently,  we decided to drive as opposed to taking the train. So to help pass away the time I decided to make her a mixtape (it was actually a CD) full of cool stuff I thought she would enjoy

Putting together the CD, I was suddenly reminded of two things;

How much fun it was to put together a compilation album for someone else

How exciting it was to receive a compilation album that someone has made for you

So we have decided to put together The Mixtape Project, which everyone can get involved in.

Here is how it would work;

1) We create a list of people who want to participate

2) Person No.1 on the list makes a physical compilation CD and sends it to Person No.2. 

3) After receiving their CD, Person No.2 makes a CD for Person No.3 (and so on)

To make this happens we need to have some sense of order and rules, so before you sign up - please make sure you are happy to do the following:

RULE ONE:  Have your name and postal address shared with the person who will make your compilation CD

RULE TWO: Have the equipment and inclination to make 3 copies of each CD. Copy No.1 is sent to the next person on the list. Copy 2 is sent to us at Choose My Music. Copy 3 is left in a random location somewhere for someone to find.

RULE THREE: Make your album a minimum of 10 tracks long and only feature and artist/band once.

RULE FOUR: Be open to the fact that you may be required to send your CD overseas - which means paying a little bit more for postage

RULE FIVE: Be considerate. You might love Pagan Speed Metal but don't fill an entire album of it.

RULE SIX: Make sure your compilation album contains the following;

                    i) The first song which has an impact on you

                   ii) A new/recent song you have enjoyed

                  iii) The song you enjoyed most from the album you received

RULE SEVEN: Do not provide a track list with the CD, but email the track list to us so that we can pass it on once we know the CD has been received and listened to.

If you feel that the above is ok with you, and you think that this project will be something you will enjoy, then add your details below and we will be in touch soon!

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