The Mixtape Project - Mix #4

Compiled by: Lynsey H (Dublin, Ireland)

Compiled for: Justine A (Manchester, England)

Crossing rivers and oceans, Mixtape #4 made its way back to England from Dublin and into the hands of Justine - more on her next week. Put together by a new friend to Choose My Music, Mix #4 was a solid mix mainly made up of 80's/90's tunes, with a whole bunch of surprises along the way. See below for more from Lynsey.

1. Surfin' USM (Live) - Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine

2. Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt - DJ Shadow

3. Embarrassment - Madness

4. Gin House Blues - Nina Simone

5. Animal (Fuck Like A Beast) - W.A.S.P

6. Ring Ring Ring - De La Soul

7. Mandinka - Sinead O'Connor

8. Never Too Much - Luther Vandross

9. A New England - Billy Bragg

10. Jesus Built My Hotrod - Ministry

11. I Can't Figure You Out - Hugh

12. Olympians - Fuck Buttons

13. This Must Be The Place - Talking Heads

14. Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen) - Baz Luhmann

When compiling my mixtape, I made a list of songs once and I stuck with it (which is a bit strange considering I have zero discipline). I have since revised it a million times in my head. None of what I guess you would call my favourite bands have made the cut but I have included a track from my favourite album (Endtroducing by DJ Shadow).

The song that first influenced my taste in music is #3 Embarrassment by Madness. Well, Queen, Madness and Madonna would be level pegging but Queen has already been covered on a previous mixtape! Madness is the sound of me being at primary school where I met fellow fan Naomi who is still my best mate to this day. I love Suggs' ability to tell a story (especially in this song and My Girl).

The song I enjoyed the most from the mix I received is #9 A New England by Billy Bragg. I haven't heard this song for ages and it really got to me hearing it again!

And the new song I've heard recently that I enjoyed is #11 I Can't Figure You Out by Hugh. There were a few contenders for this (including SBTRKT and Clark) but I love the production on this one and it doesn't sound like anything around at the moment.