The Mixtape Project - Mix #3

Compiled By: Simon J (Aylesbury, England)

Compiled For: Lynsey H (Dublin, Ireland)

A short hop over the Irish Sea for CMM Mix #3 and into the ears of Lynsey.

Put together by friend, music lover and fellow Spurs fan Simon J of the Rumbles & Grumbles blog - he gives us a short run down of the tracks he selected below.

Mix #3 Track Listing

1. Dead Pt.1 - Napalm Death

2. Hurt - Johnny Cash

3. Hangin' With Howard Marks - Super Fury Animals

4. A New England - Billy Bragg

5. Rockin' In The Free World - Neil Young

6. The Compass - Projekt

7. Imidiwan Afrik Tendam - Tinariwen

8. Circus - Sunday Driver

9. Unknown

10. That's How I'm Living - Ice-T

11. Animal Nitrate - Suede

12. Absolute Beginners - The Jam

13. Hit - Sugarcubes

14. Black Steel - Tricky

It was almost an impossible task to even know where to start, aside from one song from the previous, and one recent one, so while listening to shuffle something hit me – so many individual songs have changed my musical direction, swerving me off into genres new, some just for a while, some like Johnny Cash into now owning about 100 albums of his.

Not all the best tracks by the bands in question, in some cases not even close to my favourite tracks by them, but ones I can remember hearing and being able to trace back to the moment.

Ice-T for example at Reading Festival, just cut such a stage presence I was transfixed, and when I got home instantly tried to find the track that had “…it was fly” in it. Projekt, I was introduced to by @WelshSpur (also off twitter) and from that I got to know all the Recharged Radio crew and their bands as well. All the chance links that just change direction for you.


Many obviously from the radio, Peel especially for Napalm Death and Bragg, but each track has a story I could expand on for hundreds of words.


My new track is the Sunday Driver one, which was a recent introduction from @substandardnerd (also off twitter) when we were going to a gig and he said to make sure we were there for the support as they were excellent, and they were so I bought their album there and then.


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