The Mixtape Project - Mix #2

Compiled By: Julia (Toronto, Canada)

Compiled For: Simon (Aylesbury, England)

Following Mix #1 making its 3300 mile journey from England to Canada, Mix #2 comes back on itself, finding a home in Aylesbury and into the hands of Simon.

The mix creator Julia also gave us a run down of her selection process, which can be found below.

Mix #2 Track Listing

1. Crusades - Fucked Up 

2. Young Bloods - The Bronx

3. Bodies - Sex Pistols

4. Oh it's Such a Shame - Jay Reatard

5. Eyes in the Back of Your Head - The Adicts

6. People are Strange - The Doors

7. Killer Queen - Queen

8. New Lands - Justice

9. 40 Day Dream - Edward Sharp & the Magnetic Zeros

10. Keep the Car Running - The Arcade Fire 

11. Stay Alive - Jose Gonzales

12. Stubborn Love - The Lumineers

13. Don't Change - INXS ft. Andrew Farriss & Kirk Pengilly

14. Pursuit of Happiness (Kid Cudi Cover) - Lissie

The song that first influenced my taste in music - THERE'S TWO. I kind of cheated. My parents split up when I was 5 but both of them were super passionate about music and introducing me to it at a young age. So #6 (People Are Strange) thanks to my Dad and #7 (Killer Queen) thanks to my Mom.

The song I enjoyed the most from the mix I received - #3 Bodies by The Sex Pistols. Mainly because I've always liked them, but never really gotten into any of their stuff outside of their typical radio tunes, so it was cool to hear something of theirs I hadn't heard before.

And the new song I've heard recently that I enjoyed is #12 Stubborn Love by the Lumineers - It took me a while to really get into this band because they've been overplayed here so thoroughly it started to put me off, but once i actually sat down and listened to this record, it was a very enjoyable change of pace for me.  


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