Gregory Pepper - My Bad EP Digital Download

Gregory Pepper - My Bad EP Digital Download


Digital Download of Gregory Pepper's My Bad EP.

Gregory Pepper is a prolific musician, artist, and basement pop aficionado from Guelph, Ontario. He's released numerous albums over the past seven years under the monikers Gregory Pepper and His Problems, Common Grackle, and Big Huge Truck via New Haven, CT's Fake Four Inc. His work has been both praised and criticised for its condensed, brisk approach to songwriting, in which his harmony-driven pop songs often clock in under two minutes 

Though only seven songs and fourteen minutes long, the My Bad EP feels somehow longer than Pepper’s preceding albums. Here there is a kind of generosity and warmth in both song and production. If his earlier work has a feeling of being contained and airtight, My Bad is blousy by comparison. The album sounds like the mood and room it was written and recorded in. If the EP ends and you find yourself wanting more, put the thing on again.

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