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Our Story

Bored of music blogs featuring the same artists, Choose My Music began life sometime around 2011, with a focus of interviewing bands we discovered ourselves as opposed to through submissions or press releases from PR agencies.

In 2012, thanks to our State of Music project, where we interviewed one unsigned or indie label bands from all 50 US states, Choose My Music the blog, turned into Choose My Music the record label. But this wasn’t any ordinary label, this was a label designed to not only share the best music we could find, but also use our profits to support charitable causes.

Between 2012-2014, Choose My Music shared their State of Music as a series of compilation albums to eager music listeners , the profits from which were donated to two homeless charitable organisations; Camden Calling in the UK and Street Soccer USA in the United States of America.

Following the conclusion The State Of Music, Choose My Music Records went on to release 12 further albums from artists such as Gregory Pepper, Jessy Bell Smith, Drew Danburry, DEERPEOPLE and many others, as well as continuing to seek out undiscovered bands through their New Music for Mondays compilation series. 

During this period Choose My Music Records were featured on radio stations all over the world, including BBC 6 Music, becoming a regular label that contributed to Lauren Laverne's MPFree segment. Choose My Music also had music played on Cerys Matthews popular Sunday show as well as Tom Robinson's Now Playing on BBC 6 Music.

After a short hiatus between 2015-2018, Choose My Music returned as a music magazine, still holding true to their original values, to discover and share music from unsigned, independent label and under the radar bands from across the world and supporting charitable causes.

Issue One of Choose My Music launched in July 2018, instantly selling all copies following a feature on Lauren Lavern’s BBC 6 Music show.  

The magazine has now interviewed and introduced 50 new artists to music lovers across the globe and raised more than £1,000 for multiple charities in the UK, USA and Canada.