Join The Choose My Music Records Team

It has been a very busy start of 2015, the birth of my first child and the start of a fantastic new full time job. 

But all this wonderful stuff is making Choose My Music Records difficult to manage on my own, we've already had to turn down a couple of releases this year, purely due to time constraints and the feeling that we would not be able to do justice to the artists work. 

As I am sure you can imagine, Choose My Music Records doesn't turn a great profit, the small returns we sometimes make gets put back into future releases, so these are not roles we can pay a wage for, but if you have a passion for doing any of the following, and can spare some time, then please drop me a line at

Social Media Co-Ordinator - Social Media is a beast that constantly needs feeding. Engagement! Content! is the name of the game. And we need someone who can help build our already existing Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud profiles that interacts with people who love independent music.

Promotions Co-Ordinator - Blogs are often inundated with press releases and speculative emails, hoping the hottest indie website reviews a latest release. We need someone who can build relationships with music websites/blogs and maintain an effective mailing list to help promote our new releases to a wider audience.

We really want to be able to not only keep Choose My Music Records alive, but also start to grow the label over the next couple of years. 

Dom Paczko1 Comment