Drew Danburry Joins Choose My Music Records

Drew Danburry -   Photo by  Joey Edmond Nelson      

Drew Danburry - Photo by Joey Edmond Nelson 

We are very pleased to announce that Drew Danburry (Provo, Utah) has joined Choose My Music Records to release his upcoming album For All The Girls - 70 Love Songs.

Drew, who also opened his own barber shop in 2011, has been releasing music independently since 2002, and has toured around the world supporting and playing with a whole host of bands, as well as being featured on a multitude of websites including NPR, Stereogum and Daytrotter

The rather self explanatory album title features 70 (yes, seventy) odes, with each song being titled after each of Drew's muses. The album features cameo appearances from a whole host of Utah bands, including our very own L'anarchiste

Although we cannot formally announce the details of the album release at this stage, we can confirm that it will be the most ambitious Choose My Music Records release to date, which seems very fitting for a 70 track album release. More information will be announced as and when we can.

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