Create Your Own EP To Celebrate Two Years Of Choose My Music

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The 30th January 2014 marks the 2nd birthday of Choose My Music records, and to mark the occasion we are giving you the opportunity to create your own personal custom made EP.

Later this year we will be releasing our most ambitious release to date. A 70 track album curated by Drew Danburry entitled For All The Girls: 70 Love Songs.

To celebrate this release and our own two year anniversary we are offering 70 people the chance to create their own custom For All The Girls 4 track EP, with over 20,000,000 different combinations to pick from.

All you need to do is pick 4 numbers from 1 to 70 on the form below, we will then create your personal EP built from the full For All The Girls album tracklist.

We will then email you your own personal EP between Friday 24th January and Thursday 30th January

Create Your Own EP

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