Choose My Music Records Inspired Art On Sale for £9,000

"Seventy Sweethearts" created by UK artist Sarah Graham, 

"Seventy Sweethearts" created by UK artist Sarah Graham, 

If you happen have £9,000 burning a hole in your pocket, then you could do much worse than invest in this amazing Choose My Music Records inspired painting, created by UK based artist Sarah Graham.

The oil on canvas work, entitled "Seventy Sweethearts" has been created to celebrate our upcoming For All The Girls: 70 Love Songs album, devised by Utah based singer, songwriter Drew Danburry.

Sarah, who's artwork adorns many walls all over the world, specialises in photo realistic paintings. Her art will also be familiar to fans of Kaiser Chiefs, after her "Kaiser's Rock" donned the front of the bands 2012 Souvenir singles collection album

The painting is available to view and buy from the George Thornton Art gallery, based in Nottingham. For more information see their website here