The State Of Music Vol.5 - WIN! WIN! WIN!

Well there's only one win! really, but got to go for the snazzy headlines. What do we win and how do we win it? I hear you all cry. Well - its this rather plain looking CD as depicted below.

You see, in my real job - the one that pays the bills - I do a fair bit of driving, but instead of using this time to sing along to my favourite pop hits on the radio, I burn early versions of an upcoming State Of Music album to work out the track listing and to start developing an overall feel of the album. This is normally done a good two to three months before the album is actually released.

The CD below is the one I made for The State Of Music Vol.5 and not only does it have a different running order, it also has one song which didn't make it onto the final album. This is the only copy of the CD anywhere. I only made one..



How Do We Win It?

All you need to do is buy The State Of Music Vol.5 between its release date on Friday 9th November and 11:59pm on Sunday 11th November.

I will then get my partner Anna to secretly put the CD into one of the envelopes (without looking who's envelope it is) - that way none of us will know who has won until it arrives at its new home.

Maybe one day it might be worth something. Or not. Who knows.