The State Of Music: This Is Why

The State Of Music Vol 1: Released January 2012 £6 CD / £3 Digital Download - Sign Up For An Email Alert When The Album Is Released I'll be honest, when I started The State Of Music it was just a little fun adventure for me but in a few short months it has suddenly grown legs of its own and often threatens to run away with itself.

When the idea of an album first entered my mind I instantly thought of the wonderful people of Camden Calling, a community group who enable the homeless and and most vulnerable the ability to create and access mainstream music and the arts. The power of giving their clients not only the opportunity to express themselves artistically but also the opportunity to forge lifelong friendships with similar like-minded people cannot be overstated.

I am so proud that I have been given this opportunity to support such an amazing group of people and you can support them to when The State Of Music Volume 1 is released in January.

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Below is the story of a Camden Calling member, a very talent guy know as Rukas. This is why The State Of Music project exists. This is why 50 bands from across America are donating songs for The State Of Music project. I hope this is why you decide to support The State Of Music project.


RUKAS - 25 tracks, I know you'll like'em...I'm just that damn good - UNDERATED!!! by Rukas John Brannan

I was a right tear away when growing up. I Got into crime and drugs really young, probably about 12 or so, I was constantly in trouble with the law, evil step dads were part of my life, drunken/abusive you know the drill, there were some dark scenes in the family home. Scenes of which I only hint at in my songs.

I used to bunk school all the time, hanging round in the shopping centre. Think the only good thing I ever did there was finding a murder weapon and handing it into the police. I even got an award from them. Some certificate in a frame. Bullshit to me at the time. Don’t know what happened to it. Wish I had a kept hold of it though.

Had enough of the crap at home, so I left to find my dad in East London. It was an anticlimax, he was an alcoholic. I had questions that I wanted answers to and he was in no state to supply them. I stayed with him for a while but we did each other's head in, too alike you could say. So I ended up on the streets, got mixed in with heroin addicts, slept rough for seven years, and yes injecting the stuff.

One night I had a run in with the old bill, I had white and brown on me, a fair bit, enough that I was sent to Pentonville prison. Now I’ve always been a little bloke,let me tell you I was bricking it. But I got by with no worries, always had the gift of the gab, and I made out I was harder than I actually was, plus I make friends easier than enemies.

When I came out of prison I went into the hostel system, came off the drugs, went back on them, collapsed one day and woke up in hospital, crying relatives bedside; a life defining moment, an epiphany if you like. Enough was enough; I was knocking all the crap on the head! Dropped the mugs I was running round with, they weren’t helping me believe in me. They didn’t like me too much I can tell you, you should’ve seen them in the hostel, giving me evils, almost as if I’d sold out or something.

I got my flat when the hostel saw the change in me after I was clean for a good while. Been clean ever since. Started my rapping. Won few radio competitions. Even a spot on Radio 1! I started volunteering in hostels, the staff in my hostel really helped me, they do good work some of them, and it’s something I can see myself doing. I've just completed an NVQ level 2 in advice and guidance. Now I am working as a Thames Reach Support Worker.

As for Camden Calling they very relevant platform from which to grow and develop. Not only have I done so, but along the way I've met excellent new friends, as well as my girlfriend Chogaia. The organisation has given new confidence to certain members whereas before they had none to start with, I've literally watched the change in others before my very eyes, and it is amazing to behold.

I have been supported every step of the way with Camden Calling, and this has led to my being given free studio time, which is like gold dust to me. I've also collaborated with a fair number of my fellow members, the result being great pieces of art in music form as well as others.

Camden Calling really gives opportunities to homeless and ex homeless people that they otherwise would not get, and so it's members have love for it as a whole. Alex cares for us all and does her utmost to see our dreams brought to fruition. 2012 should be...rather interesting. Peace...