The State Of Music & Camden Calling - One Year On

It has been nearly a year since we released our first ever record (showing my age) with The State Of Music Vol.1. January 2012 saw the start of our little adventure to release music by one unsigned or indie label band from all 50 US States with the sole aim of providing some much needed funds to Camden Calling.

If you haven't been following this website, Camden Calling are a London based community group who support homeless musicians and do a cracking job of it.

Donating all the profits from all the sales of The State Of Music albums, we were album to help Camden Calling continue to provide their excellent support throughout 2012 and even put on song songwriting workshops for aspiring homeless musicians.

During 2012, Camden Calling were supposed to be featured in a BBC series for Open University called "Why Poverty", but for reasons unknown the short 10 minute film never made it to transmission and has been never been made publicly available....that is until now.

So for all of you who bought a State Of Music album - these are just some of the people you have helped.

You can find out more about Camden Calling at

You can still buy The State Of Music albums from our Bandcamp page