Choose My Music Records & The Creative Condition

I am very pleased to announce that Choose My Music Records has teamed up with York based media agency The Creative Condition to help with the promotion for The State Of Music Vol 4. For those of you who follow Choose My Music on the various social networks which occupy our mind space, you will perhaps know that a common frustration of mine is just how difficult it is to get attention for this project and its cause. Thankfully Dom Smith of The Creative Condition is a firm believer of The State Of Music and has agreed to lend a helping hand.

The Creative Condition are firm believers in the people behind the projects they help promote and have completed projects for The BBC and Channel 4, represented the UK for the European Commission and have a hand in Disabled Entrepreneurs to support aspiring disabled business owners.

The Creative Condition are a great organisation and I am proud to be working with them for the release of The State Of Music Vol.4. The album will be released on 31st August 2012 on Limited Edition CD through the Choose My Music Records store, and digitally on Itunes, Amazon and Spotify.