Choose My Music Records - Kickstarter 2013 Coming Soon!!

I guess it is time to come clean with our plans for 2013 following the completion of our State Of Music project. Choose My Music Records has every intention of continuing next year, but this time we will be focusing most of our efforts on individual bands and not crazy wide eyed schemes that keep me awake at night. We already have 6 albums lined up for next year, all released by previous State Of Music artists. The aim with our soon to be opened Kickstarter is to raised enough money to cover the minimum production costs of all our planned 2013 releases.

This is where you, previous State Of Music buyer comes in.

The idea is that the Kickstarter will not only be something you would like to become involved in, but also something that may attract some new people to the label. People who do not really know what has happened before.

So the plan is to put together a "Best Of The State Of Music" digital download, featuring 10 songs (2 from each volume) as a kind of label sampler. This album will be for people who are investing smaller sums of money (up to around £2) and will only be available as part of the Kickstarter.

We have decided that the album is going to be curated by just 5 of YOU. Here is how it is going to work....

1) First - you must own all 5 State Of Music Albums - either physically or digitally 2) Tweet a photo of ALL 5 State Of Music Albums with #GotThemAll and then @ChooseMyMusic

3) And/Or post a photo of ALL 5 State Of Music Albums to Facebook and write Got Them All and then tag Choose My Music Records in the post.

4) We will then draw out 5 people at random who will be the Selectors for The Best Of The State Of Music album 5) If you post to both Twitter and Facebook then you will be entered twice into the draw and therefore double your chances. 6) This starts from now....not sure when the draw will be made...I will give plenty of warning though!

And there you have it. I am looking forward to seeing your photos.