Who are you? 

Hello, we are Choose My Music Records. A former music blog turned record label that focuses sharing brilliant new music.  We live in a small town called Burton on Trent in Staffordshire, England

Former blog? What happened to it?

It's still there, and we still use it to feature bands every now and then, but when we are already working with a number of bands on the label, keeping the blog up is a mighty hard job. There are only so many hours in the day.

And now it’s a magazine? Magazines are a bit old hat aren’t they?

We always found the issue with printed music media is they more often and not featured the same bands and had a huge focus on music reviews, which seem a little irrelevant in the streaming age. Also, does anyone still care what Liam Gallagher said about Noel this week?

And how do you find bands? 

Perseverance!  All of the bands we feature are discoveries we have made. By this we mean the bands haven't been sent to us from PR companies, we haven't featured them because we received an awesome press release or because the band send us a funny email. 

We actually get more pride in our work by hunting out the bands ourselves as opposed to them being offered on a plate to us, because the chances are if we have received a press release about a band, so has 1000 other music blogs. We want our content to be unique. 

Tell us more about Choose My Music Records 

Well the label started with the release of The State Of Music Vol.1 in January 2012, since then we have gone on to release various compilation albums plus full studio albums from a host of top quality bands. 

Most of the physical releases we do are done on a limited edition basis, and most sell out before the actual release date. Once they are gone, they are gone. 

So how do I make sure I don't miss out on a great Choose My Music Records magazine

Joining our Patreon is the best way. You are then guaranteed a copy and also get free P&P. Our higher tier patrons also get cool exclusive goodies and even a mention in the magazine

I'm in a band, where should I send my press release

Well, without sounding mean, I wouldn't waste your time. We get a whole ton of press releases every day and don't get to read them - the fact that there are so many bands paying PR firms who put in so little effort for often very poorly written releases, we'd rather not encourage that kind of thing.

What we say is this - if you are good enough, we will find you eventually. 

Wait a second, you are based in the UK - yet most of the bands you feature are from the USA. Why is that? 

It isn't and never will be our intention to not feature many UK based bands, but this is because we generally have a problem finding ones we love and the ones we do love rarely reply to us when we make contact. I guess it is all relative, there are more bands to pick from in the USA and Canada - so the odds are we are more likely to find ones we enjoy.

The State Of Music project - what is that all about? 

The State Of Music is what really got the blog and record label up and running. We wondered if it would be possible to discover, interview and release music by one unsigned or indie label band from all 50 US States. 

And is it? 

Yes - it took us 9 months to find all 50 bands, but we did it. We also released 5 State Of Music albums, which feature one song from all 50 bands. You can download these at our bandcamp page 

So you must have made some money off that project? 

We didn't make a penny, because we gave it all away to charitable causes. First the money went to Camden Calling, a UK community group who supported homeless musicians. Sadly even our donation couldn't keep this organisation from having to close due to lack of funds. 

Any money we do make from the project now is donated to Street Soccer USA, another charitable organisation who support the homeless through the creation of soccer teams.