The State Of Music: Part 48: New Mexico - Faith In Foxholes

As with a lot of the states towards the back end of this project, I was constantly told "You won't find anything there" New Mexico was perhaps the most difficult, I guess that is the problem when a significant proportion of the state is desert . I even asked a band I am acquainted with, who regularly tour the entire United States, if they could suggest a band they have come across in New Mexico while out doing their thing. Their response was a simple "I don't think there are any"

Imagine then, my joy at finding Faith In Foxholes one evening. Then imagine my anticipation waiting for a reply. During this process to find 50 bands, I have perhaps contacted well over 70, some bands have even agreed to take part and then vanish into thin air at the crucial moment. Lucky for me then that Lucas Floyd, the man behind Faith In Foxholes replied and completed his questions within about a week.

So here we are. Part 48 of 50. Just two more to go before it is all over.

CMM: Welcome to Choose My Music. I suppose the first question is - who are Faith In Foxholes and where in the world would we find you?

I am Lucas Floyd; I play, write, and record every Faith in Foxholes song here in my hometown Albuquerque, New Mexico.

CMM: How long has the band been in existence and how did it all start?

Faith in Foxholes started as my side project about six years ago when I was in a local rock band. It has since taken over my attention and become my main musical outlet.

CMM: How best would you describe your music?

Melancholy Jack Johnson… with accordion… sometimes.

CMM:.New Mexico has been a very hard slog to find a band, indeed even Hawaii and Alaska were found before NM. What is going on with the music scene down there right now?

Music is tricky here in NM. I’m impressed you found me, I don’t do a very good job of marketing myself. The main “scene” that thrives here seems to be metal so if you’re some other style it can be a hard sell.

CMM: One thing I am hoping to find in this series is some kind of link between where a band is based and their music. Do you feel as an artist you are influenced by your surroundings and the scene around you?

I love New Mexico. We have great weather, wonderful camping/climbing/hiking, wonderful people, and gorgeous sunsets every single night. That being said I don’t really have any connection to NM in my music. I don’t know why, I’ve never really thought about it. Sorry to be counterproductive to your link.

CMM: What other influences do you have, musical or otherwise?

I love historical love stories, especially tragic ones. I like to write about those kinds of stories. I frequently fabricate love stories in history. My song “Charlotte Calls Me Home” is about Hernan Cortes and a woman I made up for him: Charlotte. Grim I know. I also fabricated a love song about “Pretty-Boy Floyd” the bank robber in my song “I’m Related to a Bank Robber.” I also love the grotesque and creepy. “Vlad Dracul and the Devil” is the retelling of a folk tale about how Dracula came into existence.

CMM: Could you perhaps give a run down of the music you have released so far?

To date I have released two full length albums. “Home & Things Just Like It” in 2009 and “Dear Baby” in 2011. Alongside these albums there have been a handful of music videos which are all on my Youtube and Facebook.

CMM: Are you able to get out and play live much?. Where are your favorite places to play both in and out of state?

I don’t actually play live much. Since I played all the parts on the album I have to get my friends together and teach them the songs. My friends are incredibly talented and we have had a great time playing a few shows but for the most part our schedules are so complex that I usually wind up playing small acoustic shows around town with my friend Dave. Life. I don’t really have a favorite place to play. Really anywhere quiet with comfortable chairs.

CMM: What's next in the pipeline for you?

I’m trying to finish up a music video for my song “Dear Baby” and I’m trying to put some shows together. I’m not actively putting another album together yet but I’m still writing so we’ll see what happens there. Also my song “The Downside of Paris” was just nominated for best song in the 2012 NM Mic Awards, so fingers crossed.

CMM: And finally, where can people reach out to you online and where can they get hold of your stuff?

I am on Facebook at I also have a few music videos at There’s some music streaming at and both of my albums are available for download at My first album is free. That’s right… free.

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