The State Of Music: Part 26: Texas - Quiet Company

Welcome back to The State Of Music - we are now in to the second half of the project which aims to discover one indie label or unsigned band from every US State. The first State Of Music album (Info Link) is also due to release at the end of January, indeed I placed the order for the CD version this morning and I am hoping they will be with me by the end of next week.

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So, the first State Of Music post of 2012 and what better place to start than one of the largest states, Texas, where apparently things are always bigger. Please welcome Quiet Company to The State Of Music family.

Quiet Company

You need to be a band who really knows what they are doing in order to release a double vinyl version of your latest album. Then to fill that album with tracks lasting as long as 7 minutes 24 seconds that band also has to be very secure within themselves with what they are doing.

Lucky then that Austin band Quiet Company are just that, and their efforts were rewarded (if you care about that sort of thing) with their latest release "We Are All Where We Belong" being named in Amazon's "Top Albums You May Have Missed In 2011" list. I am hoping my introduction to this band will mean at the end of 2012 they will also feature on your favourite list - they will defiantly be on mine.

So enjoy the album and find out more about the band with the band below.

CMM: Welcome to Choose My Music. I suppose the first question is - who are Quiet Company and where in the world would we find you?

Quiet Company are Taylor Muse, Tommy Blank, Matt Parmenter, Jeff Weathers, and Cody Ackors. We are often found in Austin, TX.

CMM: How long has the band been in existence and how did it all start?

Our first record was recorded in 2005 and Tommy and I got together at the end of that year. We are the only two "original" members, but this lineup is coming up on 3 years old or something like that. It's also the lineup that has made our best stuff. Our coming together is an amalgam of nepotism and answered Craig's List ads.

CMM: How best would you describe your music?

I would say it's pop music at its core, but that we have a penchant for all things dramatic and epic.

CMM: What is the music scene like in Texas right now? What the genre of choice out there at the moment?

It's difficult to say. Austin feels like equal parts blues and indie rock, I guess. I'm not sure what's going on in other places. The Dallas area seems to be producing a lot of bands that REALLY love Centro-matic, which is fine with me, since I REALLY love Centro-matic. I'm not sure about anywhere else really.

CMM: One thing I am hoping to find in this series is some kind of link between where a band is based and their music. Do you feel as an artist you are influenced by your surroundings and the scene around you?

Definitely. Austin is especially good for that because there are so many amazing songwriters and there's a camaraderie between a lot of us. It's that thing where you hear your buddy's record and you both love and hate him for it being so good. You're proud of him but also jealous that you didn't write it, and so you're challenged to go home and try to top it. In that sense, I think the scene definitely affects the artists here.

CMM: What other influences does the band have, musical or otherwise?

Several of us are very into Sci-fi, all of us are into comedy. We've discussed making a concept record about Joss Whedon's Firefly, which if you don't know, is possibly the greatest show of all time.

CMM: Could you perhaps give a run down of the music you have released so far?

Shine Honesty LP - 2006 Everyone You Love Will Be Happy Soon LP- 2009 Songs For Staying In EP - 2010 We Are All Where We Belong - LP 2011

CMM: You were included in Amazon's list of 'Top Albums You May Have Missed' for 2011 - as a band how important is that kind of recognition?

Accolades are always nice and they do lend a certain validity to any promotional shit you try and shove into the world. At the end of the day, they're just opinions and opinions aren't really worth anything unless you care about the person they belong to. I tend to care very deeply about the people who make End Of The Year Top 10 lists and very little about the people who review geology lab journals.

CMM: Are you able to get out an play live much?. Where are your favourite places to play both in and out of state?

We play all the time, mostly just in Texas, though. We did just get back from CMJ in NYC and Deluna Fest in Pensacola, FL, which were both lovely. We hope to get on the road more in 2012, but we'll see.

CMM: What's next in the pipeline for Quiet Company?

We're doing a series of recordings of cover songs for online release, mainly just for fun, and we've (barely) started working on a new EP.

CMM: And finally, where can people reach out to you online and where can they get hold of your stuff?

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