The State Of Music: Part 12: New Jersey - Dads

The first time I was alerted to the state of New Jersey was through the title of a Bon Jovi album. It is safe to say I didn't have high hopes.

But fear not music fans, its does actually turn out that The Garden State has a pretty, pretty good music pedigree. Frank Sinatra, Dionne Warwick, Bruce Springsteen, George Clinton and The Misfits all hail from this western coast state. Of course to get such a list of luminary recording artists you must also be prepared to accept mad ole Whitney Houston, My Chemical Romance and The Fugees. It's a small price to pay I think and nothing that having a very selective choice in radio station couldn't fix.

So what about Dads? You can find out more about them, in their own words, a little further down the page. But without repeating myself, they remind me of two bands I have covered so far on this feature. Not in a musical "they sound like" kind of way, but more in the concept.

Firstly this New Brunswick duo know how to make noise, and like I said during my Junior Astronomers piece two weeks ago, anyone can make noise but to turn that noise into something creative and coherent is a talent many fail to master.

Second, throughout the noise and perceived chaos there is a beating heart, akin to Arkansas two piece Listener way back in Part 1, the more you will listen, the more you will hear. If you want true beauty all you need to do is listen to Track 1 of their Brush Your Teeth, Again EP which is oddly titled 'Dan's Christopher Walken Impression'

When you told me you love me, I imploded from the stomach out

Wonderful. Beautiful. Noisy. Enjoy.

CMM: Welcome to Choose My Music. I suppose the first question is - who are Dads and where in the world would we find you?

Scott: I'm Scott. I play guitar and sing, John plays drums and sings. We're from New Brunswick, NJ.

John: Dads are an all loving hopefully cancer-free 2 piece from New Jersey.

CMM: How long has the band been in existence and how did it all start?

Scott: In total, a little over a year. As this lineup, about 10 months.

John: The band has been in existence for technically about 10 months, but was sort of a band for a little over a year

CMM: How best would you describe your music?

Scott: Twinkly shit.

John: Our music is catchy and technical, we like to keep the fun, while still pushing things a little.

CMM: What is the music scene like in New Jersey right now? What the genre of choice out there at the moment?

Scott: For what we do, there is nothing. We almost never play in New Jersey, especially in New Brunswick, unless it's one of our friend's basements that are kind of far from us. In the New Brunswick area, weirdo/artsy "punk" is in. In South Jersey, it's just ex-"hardcore" dudes playing New Found Glory style pop-punk.

John: The music scene in New Jersey is different depending on what part of the state you are in, but for the most part, the most "successful" bands from New Jersey play the worst type of pop punk imaginable, and it has since infected the state with the idea that everyone needs to play it and sound the same and get just as big as the other guy who is playing the same songs.

CMM: One thing I am hoping to find in this series is some kind of link between where a band is based and their music. Do you feel as an artist you are influenced by your surroundings and the scene around you?

Scott: Not at all. Unfortunately, I do not feel involved in the local scene here, by circumstance and by choice, so it's not a big deal, at least to me.

John: In a sense my surroundings have influenced me, but not entirely the music scene. If anything, the New Jersey music scene inspires me not to slack off with what Dads is doing, and to keep "putting my all" into it, instead of releasing bullshit and being okay with it.

CMM: What other influences does the band have, musical or otherwise?

Scott: Colossal, Meneguar, Castevet, Kidcrash, Minus The Bear, R. Kelly.

John: The name of the game when Dads writes music is specifically "how can we mash up a Paramore song with a Drake song and add a little Rick Ross flavor?"

CMM: You've released your Brush Your Teeth album twice this year - what made you reissue it?

Scott: The first release was for the 4-song tape we put out. We wanted to put something new out for tour, but also wanted a CD copy of Brush Your Teeth. So we recorded 3 new songs, recorded the stripped down version of "Dan'sā€¦", and then re-released it as a CD.

John: We originally released it on tape, then a couple months later people began asking us over and over again when we were going to release new music, so we figured we'd release it on CD as well, a wider format for a lot of people, with some newer songs and new artwork, to make everyone happy. We also love Lady Gaga and Rihanna, and they re-release every album they ever put out, so why not learn from the masters?

CMM: When I first made contact with you the band was out on tour. Where are your favourite places to play both in and out of state?

Scott: In New Jersey, Jake/Erin and Cam'ron's houses are awesome. Connecticut is always great to us, no matter which part of the state we play. Michigan and Illinois were the two standouts on this tour for us!

John: In state it's the Schwab house because it's always a good time and the people there know how to appreciate this music and not be bogged down by pop punk bullshit. Out of state, the midwest was too good to us, Michigan and Illinois were two great shows to play and all the people were the biggest sweethearts we've ever met

CMM: What's next in the pipeline for Dads?

Scott: We're working on booking/planning more tours, writing and recording for a possible split, and then maybe a full length for early next year.

John: As for now we've got some goodies in our bags, a lot more touring on the way, a split with some real good buds, and eventually a full length next year.

CMM: And finally, where can people reach out to you online and where can they get hold of your stuff?